Giving a Url link in Tree Item in Oracle Apex (Application Express)

You have created a Tree item in Oracle Apex for a particular page to use it as menu and you want that whenever user clicks a node, it will open a correspondent page. So create a table for tree menu with the following fields:
Example table Treemenu:
Create table treemenu (
program_desc varchar2(50),
module_code varchar2(50),
program_code varchar2(10),
page_no varchar2(10) );
Enter the appropriate data in the above table. You can take the idea by below mentioned query.
Now enter below query in Oracle Apex query area for the tree item:

select case when connect_by_isleaf = 1 then 0
            when level = 1             then 1
            else                           -1
       end as status,
       “PROGRAM_DESC” as title,
       null as icon,
       “MODULE_CODE” as value,
       null as tooltip,
       ‘f?p=&APP_ID.:’||”PAGE_NO”||’:&APP_SESSION.’ as link
from “#OWNER#”.”TREEMENU” 
start with “MODULE_CODE” is null
connect by prior “PROGRAM_CODE” = “MODULE_CODE”