Oracle Forms

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Creating Excel File in Oracle Forms

Below is the example to create an excel file in Oracle Forms. Pass the Sql query string to the below procedure to generate an Excel file using Ole2 package. PROCEDURE Create_Excel_File (CSQL Varchar2)Is   source_cursor    Integer;  …

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Creating Dynamic LOV in Oracle D2k Forms

Dynamic Lov is a good idea for the form where too many Lov requirement is there with different record groups. In this blog you will learn create dynamic Lov step by step. See also: Step-1…

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Upload Files To FTP in Oracle Forms D2k

Upload Files To FTP in Oracle Forms D2k Use following procedure to upload files to Ftp.  PROCEDURE Ftp_Upload IS    outfile text_io.file_type;BEGIN    — write a ftp script    outfile := text_io.fopen(‘D:ftpsendsource.ftp’, ‘w’);    text_io.put_line(outfile, ‘open yourftpurl’);    text_io.put_line(outfile, ‘youruser’);   …